About Us

Historical background

EnergyInfo has an interesting history. We started out in 1945 as the New Zealand Electricity Department Library, which had material related to energy development dating from 1900.

In 1987 we became the Electricity Corporation New Zealand (ECNZ) library and information centre. In 1999, after the ECNZ was split into three state owned enterprise companies, the Energy Library and Information Service Ltd was set up by former senior managers at ECNZ, Brian Cox, Roger Fairclough and Dinesh Chand. They recognised the value to be gained by accessing the collection. and did not want to see it wasted. Their decision to invest time and money into the library was motivated by recognition of the valuable knowledge sharing networks that exist around such a service, and also wanting to make a contribution to their profession in New Zealand.

Founding Principles

EnergyInfo’s charter is hybrid, reflecting the industry which it serves. The information management consultancy arm of our organisation and services that provide added value are privately operated. However, in the interest of providing the sector with the widest access to the best information, EnergyInfo’s library operates as a not-for-profit.

You may ask how we can operate as both a private and a non-profit organisation. We achieve this by being an end user focused organisation. We exist to provide the best service possible to our members.

Our current member base includes large corporations and smaller companies. We provide information services to members to support their business development. We are the official library for IPENZ, The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand.


We have professional information specialists that respond to our members business needs. Our staff have been working in the energy and engineering sectors for many years, and have an in-depth knowledge of resources available. They also have experience working on other related information and knowledge management projects.

In addition, our membership to professional associations gives us access to networks within New Zealand and overseas, in the fields of engineering, energy, and information management.