Why Use a Journey Management Software?

Journey management software enables companies to keep track of the safety of their workers prior, during and after the journey. This is great for companies which have to keep track of whether their workers have arrived safely to their destination or not. Usually associated with high risk professions, journey management software is a great tool of keeping track of employee safety.

The following are a few activities monitored by journey management software.

  • Logging in a journey, for example if the drivers starts at point A, they feed that into the device and also log in at point B, the end of their destination.
  • It doesn’t matter whether the journey is long or short, the logged in status can help keep track of the vehicle with ease.
  • Also the mode of transportation is recorded as well. What kind of vehicle is being used and for what purpose.
  • Also the details of the vehicle which is being used is recorded as well, for example its registration number and in ace of an air journey, the flight number.
  • Also the travellers are sent safety reminder alerts which inform them to log in their whereabouts.
  • Any missed check-ins are sent to management as immediate alerts.
  • Also a travel risk assessment is also done before the actual journey
  • The software also includes a connection with a GPS tracker which can help keep vigilance on the freight of a company.

Anyone who is in the mobile workforce would benefit with the use of a journey management software.

The advantages of using journey management software

The following are a few benefits of using a journey management software

  • Complete peace of mind. If the employees are working in a high risk situation, the management is usually on its toes trying to devise safety methods for them. With the use of a journey management software, the management can experience complete peace of mind.
  • The management software makes it easy for the management as well as employees to log in timings etc.
  • Automated notifications which are sent at regular intervals makes it easy to keep track of the employees and their journey.
  • The real time data is available so if there are any unnecessary stops of idling times, it can be viewed from the software. This helps improve the employee productivity and helps save time as well.

Companies which can benefit from using journey management software

  • Mining, oil and gas companies. It makes it easier for monitoring lone workers who have to make journey to remote areas. Plus if an area is isolated, the system allows the management to view the activity of the worker throughout.
  • Construction and engineering companies which have to manage whole teams scattered across a number of sites.
  • It can also be used in the educational field to ensure the safety of students and teachers while travelling on excursions.
  • Health and community service. This works well when workers have to travel to remote areas to provide medical help. Or if there has been a natural disaster and workers are sent to provide first aid.